西大寺八幡神社 ご祭神

(left)Homutawake no mikoto
(center)Okinagatarashihime no mikoto
(right)Tamayorihime no mikoto


Saidaiji Hachiman Shrine, which is enshrined to the west of Saidaiji Temple, enshrines Homutawakenomikoto,Okinagatarashihimenomikoto, Tamayorihimenomikoto , who are said to have been promoted by Usa Jingu, as well as Todaiji Temple and Saidaiji Temple.

 In addition, eight precincts, including Sumiyoshi Shrine, are enshrined in the guardian forest. 

According to the shrine, the Sangensha Nagare-zukuri shrine was built in the middle of the Muromachi period and is now designated as a national important cultural property. 

Since there is no worship hall in the precincts, it is a rare space in Japan where you can see the whole picture of the big main hall. 

There are two torii gates on the approach road, and the second torii gate is considered to be the oldest building at Saidaiji Hachiman Shrine, along with a granite integrated stone bridge that straddles a stream from New pond .

 On January 16th, the first year of the Kamakura period (1239), Eison Shonin (Kosho Bosatsu Eison Shonin), the founder of Saidaiji Temple and Chuko, gave the worshipers a big behavior of hot tea at the head office.

However, it is said to be the origin of Ochamori, which is handed down in today’s Saidaiji Temple. 

(On January 15, 3rd year of Reiwa, the tea ceremony, which was the origin of Ochamori, was held by Elder RYUYO  Matsumura for the first time in about 150 years. 

I conveyed the spirit of ” Ichimi Wago “) In addition, when a big fire broke out in Shibamura on the night of December 18, 1732, and the ancient Noh masks at the shrine were burned down, the three Noh masks that were in the treasure house were taken over from Saidaiji.

 It has a strong connection with Saidaiji Temple, and it functions as a guardian shrine of Saidaiji Temple until the separation of Shinto and Buddhism in the Meiji era.

 Currently, the left seat (Anza) and the right seat (Oza), which are organized by parishioners, are mainly adults and middle seats. 

Taking turns taking over the priesthood priest, Annual events such as Atagoyama pilgrimage and lantern patrols with all the uziko

Eison Shonin, the founder of Saidaiji Chuko
The behavior of hot tea, which was the origin of Ochamori, has been restored.
 A monk worship was realized in the 3rd year of Reiwa.
西大寺八幡神社 能面
Three Noh masks inherited from Saidaiji (excluding the lower right)